Magyar Onkohematológiai Betegekért Alapítvány (MOHA) – Foundation for Hungarian Oncohaematological Patients

MOHA has been established to help provide trustworthy information for people with hematopoietic illnesses, provide emotional support and represent patients’ interests with decision-makers.

We produce patient information leaflets and organize large-scale educational programs several times a year, as well as specific diseases support groups, where patients get the opportunity to consult expert professionals. Our goal is to strengthen trust in evidence-based medicine and to promote scientific thinking.

Our aim – beyond the dissemination of knowledge – is to provide emotional support for patients and their families going through similar situations. Within the groups, it is possible to meet with patients and carers whose example can help to cope successfully with the disease. Honest conversations can relieve anxiety due to illness and treatments. In parallel, we run virtual groups on social network sites where patients can communicate on a daily basis. These are all moderated by professionals.

The purpose of MOHA is to give patients access to the most up-to-date treatment recommended for their illness, in a predictable and transparent manner, and at the right time. While some patients are less able to act effectively to protect their interests, we can achieve success with civil pressure. As patient representatives we are working to get involved in all patient-related decision-making processes.
New therapies are constantly emerging, which give patients more chance to heal. It is important for those concerned to know about new opportunities and consult their doctor.

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