The Public Organization For Patients with Hematological Diseases “Mercy Bridge” (“Most Miloserdiya”)

Our goal

To help patients with hematological diseases, including: protecting the rights and legitimate interests of hematological patients, obtaining medical, information, psychological, social, financial, legal and other types of assistance.

Our activities

  • Focusing attention of federal and regional authorities and the public on the problems of patients with hematological diseases;
  • Assistance to patients with hematological diseases in obtaining timely medical assistance and the necessary drug provision guaranteed to be financed by government agencies;
  • Information activities related to problems and achievements in the field of hematology: organizing and holding conferences, round tables, seminars, patient schools, consultations;
  • Informing patients with hematological diseases on issues related to the disease of hematological patients and protection of their rights and legitimate interests: publishing paid and unpaid basis brochures, books, booklets, bulletins, reports, newspapers, magazines and other printed materials, filming and distributing video materials. Distributing information materials through your own site and partner sites.
  • Organization of volunteer movement in order to provide feasible assistance in caring for hematological patients, providing spiritual, psychological and other forms of support;
  • Involvement of philanthropists in Russia and abroad to support hematological patients and targeted use of material and other assistance for the needs of patients.
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