HematologickyPacient – Association of Patients with Hematological Maligancies

Our mission is to actively represent and promote the interests of patients in the exercise of their right to health care, leading to prolonging life and improving its quality.

We listen to patients, find answers to their questions, and help them get the best possible treatment.

We work with top Slovak hematologists and monitor current scientific work on the treatment and research of hematological diseases. All important news about haematological malignancies can be found on our website and in the information materials.

Our helpline supports patients to keep with their treatment regimen. We provide with the information and support them to get the medication right.

We provide patients with legal advice. Our website provides practical advice and guidance on how to address the financial and social difficulties caused by the illness.

We help patients to get the right treatment – on our website and in our information materials, they find detailed information on the different options for treating their disease as well as on whether this treatment is covered by health insurance companies and under what conditions.

We also put together the medical and legal arguments and represent individuals who need treatment that is not covered by their health insurance. We turn to a health insurance company and look for other solutions to mediate the treatment on behalf of patients.