Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand

Since 1977, our work has been made possible through our fundraising events and the generous support we receive from individuals, companies, trusts and grants. We do not receive government funding.

Funding goes to our core services: Patient Support, Research, Information, Awareness & Advocacy

We aim to provide support where and when it is needed most. Our free and personalised services range from just having someone to talk to in our Support Services team, to disease-specific information and resources.

The suddenness with which these diseases strike can often put enormous financial strain on people. To those experiencing difficulties we may be able to offer support including food or petrol vouchers, or help with paying utility bills. Each case is assessed on an individual basis.

LBC is committed to finding better treatments and cures. We are the only dedicated funder of haematology research in New Zealand. Annually, we provide travel grants to health professionals, including scientists, clinicians, nurses and laboratory staff to attend local and international meetings, keep up to date with the latest advancements and conduct vital research.