LyLe – Patientassosiation for Lymphoma, Leukaemia and MDS (Denmark)

LyLe’s story
We started at an information meeting in April 2007, where we asked the attendees about their expectations for a patient association. LyLe’s purpose and association’s work is based on the dialogue at the meeting.

We work on 3 main areas: Dialogue with others, information and impact on systems.

Dialogue with others
LyLe facilitates contact between patients with the same disease, shortly after diagnosis, during the course of treatment or after treatment.
We also promote dialogue between the relatives and with professionals.

We produce information about the disease, via booklets, and promote their distribution after the consultation, so that patients can keep it.
Through our website we provide updated links to find more information about the diseases.

We strive to have an impact in the health system, through our political campaigning and our direct dialogue with the health service with the aim of representing patients and their needs.

Contact : Rita Christensen or Niels Jensen (for MDS)
Email : /

Our Members