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Introduction to the MDS Treatment Access Portal

The MDS Alliance (MDSA) has identified the need to document and report the MDS treatment landscape globally. These insights will enable patient groups to advocate for greater access to new therapies in their country.

The main goal was to collect data on the access of 10 different MDS treatments across 24 countries worldwide. Data were acquired through pharmaceutical companies, literature search, as well as general members.
The Treatment Acces Map was developed to provide a graphical representation (different colours showing better access), of the varying MDS treatment landscape globally.

For a brief description of how the Treatment Access Portal works, please open the help section.

The following information is shown on the map:

  1. Availability of treatment in a given country, and whether it can be physically obtained in this country or not
  2. Approval status of a drug for the treatment of MDS patients, including special forms of approval or conditions attached to the approval.
  3. Coverage of treatment costs by the healthcare system in the respective country – does every insured patient have equal access? Additionally, where available, a brief description of the healthcare system and reimbursement is provided on the overview map.

The objective is to make these data available as quickly and comprehensively as possible in the future.
For now, we have selected 24 countries that are currently included in the overview. Here, too, the data are not complete, but regular updates will be made twice a year or on specific request.

To complete the data and, most importantly, to add additional countries to the overview, we seek your assistance. If you have access to such data in a particular country and can provide us with it, please fill in the contact form. We will get in touch with you to provide more information about the required data. Thank you for your support!

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