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Learn about the €40 million project for better care of patients with blood cancer

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World Awareness Day

25th of October is MDS World Awareness Day. Together we are spreading awareness of MDS on social media!

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We know MDS patients experience chronic fatigue

but we never tire of helping them

Our "Here to Help", which was officially launched on October 25, 2016 during the MDS World Awareness Day, is an on going activity of the MDS alliance to raise awareness of MDS and the MDS Alliance network of MDS support patient support organisations.

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About the MDS Alliance


We are an international umbrella organisation that aims to ensure MDS patients, regardless of where they live, have access to the best multi-professional care.

We aim to provide member organisations, patients and healthcare teams with the resources and the latest information about MDS, including current treatment options, large international projects and events of Interest to the whole community.



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