Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2023

Let’s talk about blood cancer, let’s think about MDS

During the Blood Cancer Awareness Month, the MDS Alliance will be supporting the education and awareness of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), which are a rare group of blood cancers.

The MDS Alliance is running a 4-week campaign called #ThinkMDS:

The MDS Alliance will follow the timeline below when sharing materials on Social Media

  • Week 1:  Introducing MDS and its causes and types
  • Week 2: Focusing in on MDS symptoms and diagnosis
  • Week 3: Treatment and care for MDS patients
  • Week 4: How can the public help MDS patients

The hashtags will include #ThinkMDS #OrderaBloodCount #ThisIsBloodCancer



1- Download the briefing guide

Download the Blood Cancer Awareness Month briefing guide below to understand how you can get involved and support the campaign.


Blood Cancer Awareness Month Briefing Guide



2- Share our Social Media graphics!

  • Like and share the social media posts on your social channels with the hashtag #ThinkMDS, #OrderaBloodCount, #ThisIsBloodCancer and don’t forget to tag @MDSAlliance
  • To share on Instagram and LinkedIn you must download the image to your computer, and then share it on Instagram/LinkedIn



3- Read and share our Information Brochure!

An informative brochure compiling all relevant information about MDS.


Information brochure A4 (4 pages, foldable) for digital sharing


Information brochure A5 (4 pages) for digital sharing


Information brochure A4 (4 pages, foldable) for printing (CMYK)

4- Read and share our educational posters!

  • Read, and share the educational posters on your social channels with the hashtag #ThinkMDS, #OrderaBloodCount, #ThisIsBloodCancerand tag @MDSAlliance
  • If you are not on social media, download, read and share the educational posters with your friends, family, and colleagues 

Digital Posters (to share on social media)


Printable Posters


Printable Posters A4


Printable Poster A4 – CMYK


Would you like to translate the text in these campaign designs or personalize with your organisation logo? Customize these graphics with editable file options using our Canva designs:

If you don’t have a Canva account, you can get one for free from the Canva website, or when you start to edit a design



For global MDS support information and MDS Alliance member group resources and materials, please go to our resources page. 

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