Mission and Membership Criteria


The mission of the MDS Alliance is to better serve the MDS patient and caregiver community globally


Our vision is optimal care for all MDS patients worldwide.

Organization & Structure

Leadership Group – A group of six MDS patient advocacy organizations to provide leadership and direction to the MDS Alliance.

The initial Leadership Group members


    • General members: These are established nonprofit/non-governmental organizations who must be focused on meeting the needs of patients and caregivers living with MDS and meet the membership criteria below.

Additional connections

    • Associates: Professional organizations with whom we partner. These are groups that support the mission and vision of the MDS ALLIANCE, but do not have MDS as a primary focus OR are regional or local MDS organizations.
    • Supporters: Pharmaceutical companies willing to support our mission and vision.

Thank you to our current supporters:

  • BMS
  • Novartis

Membership Criteria

Application and Review
  • Application for MDS ALLIANCE membership shall be submitted to the Leadership Group.
  • Review of the application will be completed within 30 days of receipt of the application.
  • In order to insure that membership criteria are being maintained, each group will be asked to submit a renewal application every two years.
  • Membership may be revoked or not renewed by the Leadership Group if a member is found to be significantly out of compliance with these membership criteria.
Groups must be:
  • A non-profit or non-governmental organization certified/chartered or registered in their home country
  • A permanent/ongoing entity
  • National or international in scope
  • Formed primarily for the needs of people living with MDS and support the mission, vision and programs of the MDS-A
  • Willing and able to engage in the activities of the Alliance
    • Represent MDS-A in their country
    • Share their experience and expertise
    • Link to the MDS-A website
  • Promote MDS-A at conferences
  • Able to insure that all patient education materials and information have been properly reviewed and approved by appropriate medical professionals
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