Individual Investors

Precious metals are understood to be a foundational component of a truly diversified investment portfolio. As a leader in the global precious metals market, Neptune Global serves the individual investor as a specialist in all aspects of physical precious metalstrading and investing. Open an account with Neptune Global and your precious metals transactions become as simple as a telephone call! As a Neptune Global account holder, you will receive assistance and support from experienced service representatives and knowledgeable traders. Also, with a Neptune Global account, you can purchase a wide variety of bullion products, and take delivery of your investment or have it safely held in your custody account.
Call Neptune Global at (302) 256-5080 to learn more about precious metals investing and to determine which service is right for you.

Benefits Include:

Comprehensive selection of investment bullion products
Service support from experienced bullion specialists
Innovative physical bullion investment assets
No sales tax
Fully insured delivery
Insured custody and storage services

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