The Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association – ABRALE works across the country to democratize the treatment and quality of life of people with hematologic malignancies to guarantee universality, equity and integral service for all.

Our activity:

Patient Support
We have a multidisciplinary team with: psychologists, who assist the patient in coping with the disease, nutritionists that elaborate personalized diets, lawyers, who give information on the rights guaranteed by law and advocate for policy improvements, nurses and social workers, who clarify doubts about the diseases and a team with committed professionals that work to improve prevention, access to treatment and better outcomes continuously.

Education and Information:
We produce information material, i.e. leaflets, booklets, videos and the Abrale magazine for patients, family members and health professionals. Abrale’s website and social networks are sources of information and contact with all Stakeholders. We also provide access to the best experts at the Abrale Meeting, a biweekly event, with free lectures, and also through Chat Abrale, an online tool to connect patients and caregivers to doctors and health professionals on different issues. We also offer sophisticated on-line educational to health professionals and physicians of the country, contributing with early diagnosis and care improvement.

Research and Data Organization:
We take advantage of technology advancements to improve knowledge about oncology facts in our country.
From patients, we have our own registry and collect real world evidence . Also we use government open data and analyze them and publish in a dynamic and interactive on line plataform. Our data scientist contribute to the understanding of the oncology scenarium.

Public policy and Advocacy:
We work intensively in the area of ​​advocacy to represent our patients before the Government. We partner with social organizations, participate in the National Health Council and events related to the theme. We collaborated to advance important laws, which greatly benefited the health system and Oncology in Brazil. Our strategy includes actions to improve public and private care in oncology , transparent and efficient use of public resources and focus on better clinical outcomes .

Contact : Catherine Moura, MD, MPH Tel: +55 11 3149-5190 / +55 11 91307-1174
Email : catherine.moura@abrale.org.br

Our Members
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